Club ATL Productions is a leading music production company specializing in creating original and semi-original music production for competitive all-star cheerleading, school cheerleading, competitive dance, pep rallies, action sports, and gymnastics. With 15 years of experience in the industry, we’ve expanded our expertise to include lyrical video production, video scoring, and movie scoring for short films and social media content. 



For your next competitive cheerleading routine, dance routine, or gymnastics routine, Club ATL Productions is here to provide you with Fully Original or Semi-Original music productions that seamlessly align with whatever theme you’re going for. With an industry leading production team by your side, we provide a customized and tailored experience for each of our clients.

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For your next lyric or music video, work with Club ATL Productions to ensure that your video is a top of the line production. From top to bottom, our professional team of producers, and video editors will work with you to ensure that all your needs are met.


movie scoring

No matter if you have a short film or a social media video, music is always going to bring the whole production full-circle. Here at Club ATL Productions, we work with our clients to provide comprehensive video and movie scoring. Our process is collaborative in nature, and we always work through ideas alongside our clients to ensure that we bring their vision to life. 
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