Club ATL Productions was founded by Alex (ATL) Lopez. With more than 15 years of experience in music production across many genres, Alex is known as one of the premiere producers in the Competitive Cheerleading and Dance Industry. As a former Competitive All-Star cheerleader, Alex always appreciated and enjoyed the art of music production. 

After spending time in the studio making revisions to songs and creating new songs from scratch, Alex’s reputation began to grow as a skilled music producer with a knack for what the Competitive Cheerleading and Dance world was looking for. 

Just a few years later, Alex attended music production school at Icon Collective, a nationally accredited music production school. From there, Alex worked one-on-one with professional producers, singers, songwriters, studio technicians, and sound engineers. From his personal experience and inspiration to do something big, Alex enlisted a comprehensive team of experienced producers and sound engineers who come together to create new musical scores and soundtracks for a variety of clients across the globe.





Club ATL Productions is a dedicated and experienced team of multi-genre producers, singers, songwriters, mixing and mastering engineers, and video editors who play an integral role in the production of each and every song that we create.




At Club ATL Productions, our goal is simple – we’re focused on bringing our client's ideas to life through audio. We work hand in hand with our clients to help them bring their vision to fruition, and we know how to take creative control when we’re given the opportunity. For us, nothing is more important than exceeding our client's expectations!




Throughout our time in business, we’ve worked with clients from all across the industry. We’ve worked with clients who have won National, Summit, and World Championships, and we’ve worked with competitive dance teams, elementary schools, high schools, and even colleges and universities. And every step of the way, we work diligently to bring our client’s dreams to life.